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We believe in the power of women to make a difference. Together, we can fight breast cancer and change the world.

Our Mission

Fighting to Survive

As a cancer fighter and survivor, Ashley knows first hand what being diagnosed with breast cancer is like.  In 2012 she received devastating news...Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer.  The news was grim and the outlook was dark.  Thanks to her positive fighting attitude and the amazing members of Crossfit Zion that put on fundraisers and stood by her and Chad's side, gave her the support to fight on. And fight on she has.  It has now been over 10 years that Ashley received the news that day!  She continues to help those around her fighting that same battle.  Come join Ashley and the many others fighting to survive!

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3050 East 520 North, Unit C

St. George, UT 84790



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